- Our Story -

Started with a dream of a little girl and her passion to cook.


Habesha restaurant is a family owned business. Betty, the head chef, grew up in Ethiopia looking up to her parents who owned a restaurant which served amazing Ethiopian cuisine. Since then, it has been a dream to own a restaurant that will serve the special dishes she has learned from her parents.  


"We were craving an Ethiopian coffee ceremony so checked out Habesha restaurant on 17th Ave. If you never experienced an Ethiopian coffee ceremony it's a relaxed experience, they roast, grind, and brew the coffee in front of you, and serve you popcorn. I'll recommend Habesha, great service, tasty coffee, overall a great experience."

 -   Rob Milton -

“Come for the food and stay for the coffee ceremony” 

 -   Kuku  -



“Forget the motherland - The best Ethiopian food

is made right here in Calgary.”

-  Mike  -

* * *